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Why start with us?

  • we create professional software for individual customers, small businesses and large enterprises
  • we deliver the highest quality products; we strive to make customer satisfied
  • we are a talented with extensive experience in various fields of IT
  • we continuously improve the quality of our services

Our team consists of

  • Software and database architects
  • Project managers
  • Developers, testers, analysts,
  • Administrators, data processing personnel


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Software Development

We have extensive experience in the IT industry supported not only by the knowledge of technology and design, but above all by the knowledge of the industry.We have customers from the IT industry, logistics and trade

Fixed solutions

We have a number of completed projects and ready products on our account as well a volume of highly satisfied customers. We are building solutions not for ourselves but for our clients yet we are always ready to advise and suggest the best options.

IT Staff outsourcing

The service of outsourcing IT and administrative projects that we offer gives you a guarantee of implementing the project in accordance with your business expectations, taking into account the best methodologies and practices. With the remote team, you don’t have to worry about HR administration, welfare, work space and training cost.

Project Management & Consulting

We are able to understand customer expectations as few others on the market in the IT industry thanks to our analytical team. In addition, any product created by us may be covered by the additional service support according to your expected SLA.

Support & Maintenance

Remote and on-site support

We support multiple systems, both those produced by us and those developed by third parties. During the support we not only take care of correct functioning of the system in accordance with the SLA expectation, but we also supplement anything that is missing. We are also providing pro-active systems monitoring that allows us to identify failure before it occurs. At the request of the customer, after the takeover of the system for support, we carry out the necessary development and functional changes

Hosted services

Thanks to our cloud based infrastructure we can offer SaaS and Web services hosting that meets the highest standards. Our systems are fast, safe and reliable guarantying 99,9% uptime and high performance

Systems migration and upgrades

We can also perform your seamless migration of your current systems to new environments or upgrades of current IT infrastructure. We have broad experience migrating complex systems. We are also qualified to provide Office365 migration and support

Data Processing

We provide processing services and data entry. We also offer outsourcing administrative staff. Our data controllers have a lot of experience, so that we are able to increase the efficiency and reduce the real workload related to the processing of data in your company

Data Entry / Data Processing

  • Entering customer data either through customer CRM system or through MS Excel
  • Verifying entered data by reviewing, correcting, deleting, or re-entering it
  • Providing customer with thorough analysis of given data (comparisons, statistics, reports, etc.)
  • Providing ad-hoc data-processing support to project staff
  • Participating in the entire life-cycle of data-management projects as prescribed by the needs of the business.
  • OCR services
  • Creating templates for legal documents, e-mail, etc. , preparing presentations, product catalogues, visit cards and more


Our Projects


Website, CMS, Forms

Graham Anthony

Multiple websites, CMS
Graham Anthony

Graham Anthony Webshop

Webshop, Warehouse Management
Graham Anthony

Primeline VNE Website

Primeline VNE INFO

Primeline VNE Stream 2.0

Primeline VNE Stream 2.0 INFO

Payot webshop

CMS, webshop, online payments
Payot webshop


Freeway IT company was founded in 2014 in Debica. We outsource IT personnel, which is building specialized teams for large projects. Our company is located in south-eastern Poland and operates large-scale projects for logistics and telecommunications. Our headquarters is located near academic centers, which provides access to an educated workforce


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